I pass these pigeons every day on my couple block commute to coffee.  I decided to take some pictures of them one day about 8 months ago and just finally had time to look at them yesterday.  Better late than never. Click on them for the larger size photos.


Walking along another coastline in the Caribbean.  Toña is the beer here and I’m drinking one.  Sun is about to set.  Up ahead I catch sight of a young boy splashing around in the water down behind some rocks.  It’s hot and he didn’t bother removing any clothes before he jumped in to cool off. …

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I was recently  up in Maine filming black bears for an episode of “Expedition Wild” for National Geographic.  I should say “trying” to film black bears.  Turns out that bears are hard to find in the dense, northern woods.  The magnum Fujinon lens that Grizzly Creek Films has didn’t turn out to be a lot …

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