The view from part way up Mt. Katahdin - click photo for larger image

I was recently  up in Maine filming black bears for an episode of “Expedition Wild” for National Geographic.  I should say “trying” to film black bears.  Turns out that bears are hard to find in the dense, northern woods.  The magnum Fujinon lens that Grizzly Creek Films has didn’t turn out to be a lot of help in stuff that dark and thick.  We did however hop from lake to lake in a float plane filming moose and loons and bullfrogs and leeches and lots of other good stuff.  Should be a fun show.  We also followed host Casey Anderson up to the top of Mount Katahdin.  Needless to say, there weren’t any bears up there either.  But the view was worth the hike and made us feel like we were in the mountains of Montana again.  Here are some production stills from the trip.

One hand on the camera phone, one hand on the big camera and no door on the plane...
The big gun. Handy for mist swirling around distant peaks. Not so much in the woods.
Waiting for a pickup after an evening sitting in a blind with the AF100
Mount Katahdin's knife ridge
Panorama stitched from 10 different shots - click photo for larger image
Rick Smith taking it all in



4 thoughts on “Maine”

  1. Hi colin, I can see you are like a bird, The freedom was made for you. I feel so proud of your talent to transmit the beauty of each place you go. Congratulations…

  2. I live not too far (by Maine standards) from Mt Katahdin. If the Expedition Wild edit that I viewed mentioned it, I did not catch in which part of Northern Maine you filmed the den and woods footage. A quick guess is that you spent some time coincidentally along and north of the route of the Appalachian Trail, perhaps near the Moosehead Lake region?

    Nicely photographed and presented!

  3. Thanks Gary! To be honest I’m not exactly sure where that footage was shot. But I was just a freelance camera guy on that show so, if the producers didn’t mention location, I probably wouldn’t either just in case they had some reason. But damn, Maine is beautiful!

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