Studio Time

Views of the ocean from the winter den

The combination of being alive and healthy along with beautiful weather have kept me from posting to my blog for a while.  The last few months have been spent collecting final images for a film about the Bahamas, shooting a series of shows about bears for National Geographic and trying to tame a big backyard and the bounty of its garden and fruit trees.  And hunting elk.  And butchering elk.  The bounty of Fall.

And now as the leaves start to fall and the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to step back into the studio with a mug of hot apple cider and put in the studio time that is the other required half of making media in this day and age.  The yin to my summer’s yang.  I don’t enjoy being seated in front of a screen very much but at least as much of the creative process takes place here so it has it’s own rewards.  I’m thankful to revel in the turning of another season and adapt my schedule to another phase of work.  And I’m thankful for the little digital creative space that lets me continue to do this work that I love.  Many more blog posts to come as I wade through the spoils of my summer adventures.  Happy Fall.

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