Time-lapse lecture reviewed

“It’s all quite incredible to me. Colin is incredibly talented and dedicated.  Spends incredible amounts of time and resources pursuing the vision in his head. Seeing his presentation was inspiring and depressing all at the same time. Inspiring to see what can be done. Depressing to know that I will never have the drive to make the sacrifices needed to rise to this level of artistry. It reinforces my motto of “Be content where you are, or make the effort to be something else.”
Thank You Colin.”

“Well folks, if there was one, just one RMSP seminar not to miss, this one was it!  Colin’s professional talent simply amazed me and I am sure, the rest of the attendees!  Let alone Mr. Ruggiero’s massive and impressive curriculum vitae, his strive for the perfect time lapse presentation was evident in his seminar last night. He presented not only what and how to prepare/shoot time lapse sequences (complete with detailed hand-outs), Colin also showed prime examples of what to avoid from his library of “Mistakes” files… I can tell you I learned a tremendous amount from Colin’s vast experience. His insiders peek at his personal art project along with his time lapse works was both the icing and the cake for me. Thank you Colin for sharing and personally I look forward to your Video presentation when that happens. I will not miss it.”

“You were wonderful!  You are so easy and authentic in front of students. And, that footage was stunning.  Thanks so much for teaching for us!”



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