Turtles, Octopus and… Grizzly Bears?

Since I’ve stepped up my underwater filming efforts in the last few years, I’ve started getting more calls to do underwater video work outside of the Bahamas.  This past Fall I got a call from Grizzly Creek Films to do some underwater work for a film they were producing for National Geographic.  About Grizzly bears.  The film compares and contrasts a captive grizzly bear named Brutus with wild bears in an attempt to gain some insights into learned vs. inherited behaviors, and to see some behaviors from interesting angles that would be difficult in the wild – like underwater.

Casey Anderson tosses Brutus the grizzly bear a fish. (Photo: Grizzly Creek Films)

I’m the guy crouched down under the artificial waterfall getting wet.  That was in September and despite the sunshine, the air and the water were very cold.  When I get back to the land of bandwidth I’ll post on this experience again and include some video clips from the production but for now, here’s an article and some clips from the film:  http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/pets-animals/blogs/nat-geo-wild-animal-adventures-in-hd

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