Grey Jays

Last spring I found myself huddled in the shade at the edge of some trees with Casey Anderson, Missy Pyle and Rick Smith watching a mother grizzly and three cubs.  They played and dug for grubs and voles in the sunny, sprawling meadow in front of us while Rick and I filmed from the comfort …

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Forest Surveillance

Toward the end of this last fall I worked with my friend Dawson Dunning running a bunch of remote sensor video cameras not far outside of Glacier National Park.  We were trying to record video of Grizzly Bears rubbing and marking trees for part of a Wild Horizons documentary about wild North America.


I was recently  up in Maine filming black bears for an episode of “Expedition Wild” for National Geographic.  I should say “trying” to film black bears.  Turns out that bears are hard to find in the dense, northern woods.  The magnum Fujinon lens that Grizzly Creek Films has didn’t turn out to be a lot …

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Studio Time

The combination of being alive and healthy along with beautiful weather have kept me from posting to my blog for a while.  The last few months have been spent collecting final images for a film about the Bahamas, shooting a series of shows about bears for National Geographic and trying to tame a big backyard …

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