New Short Film About the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Overwhelming Response to

Hello friends and fans of the Bahamas! “Exuma” made its premiere a couple of months ago at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. Since then I’ve been fulfilling orders for DVD’s and Blu-ray’s through the website and getting ready to start working on other distribution, including retail sales in the Bahamas. I just wanted to . . . → Read More: Overwhelming Response to “Exuma.”



This is a very short travel sequence that highlights a time-lapse that I put together recently. The traveling time-lapse shot toward the end of the sequence is the first of it’s kind that I’m aware of. Read the post for more info. As always, click on the little gear symbol at the bottom of . . . → Read More: Travel-lapse

Speeding up the Bahamas

Last frame of time-lapse – click to view larger

That hot sun behind me seems a long ways away now as I sit in my studio on the hemisphere that is tilting ever so slightly away from the sun. This photo is the last frame of a time-lapse that I shot recently for my . . . → Read More: Speeding up the Bahamas

Change of Scenery

Back in Montana and high on life and some of the country’s most liberal medical marijuana laws. In the few weeks that I’ve been back I’ve driven many hundreds of miles across the state performing with the band I play in and working with a documentary crew out of L.A. What an amazing state . . . → Read More: Change of Scenery

The Rum Diary, Part II

So there is no “Rum Diary, Part I” but I do mention Hunter Thompson’s Rum Diary in another post and I’m in a similar sort of mood so… close enough. In fact, I’m still making my way through that book over a month later. Finishing it is taking a long time, as do most . . . → Read More: The Rum Diary, Part II

Night Diving

I just put together some night diving footage to help the local dive shop on Staniel Cay promote their night dives. It’s so great to be able to share video clips through youtube like this. It’s hard, however, to not be able to moderate the viewers experience. I know you’re probably not going to turn . . . → Read More: Night Diving

Back in the Bahamas!

Imagine this as a moving time-lapse…

Back in the Bahamas. I’ve been coming down here to a little island in the Exumas for 4 years now to play in the ocean and collect footage of this crazy blue world. My friends like to give me a hard time about my “rough life,” but the . . . → Read More: Back in the Bahamas!