I’ve always loved to teach and helping others to bring important stories to the world is as rewarding as anything else that I do. For years I taught filmmaking and media classes through the International Wildlife Media Center and also to high school students through the Flagship program.  Today I continue to make time throughout the year to teach a variety of workshops and classes.  I currently teach ongoing filmmaking workshops for the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and I am the Program Leader for the International Wildlife Film Festival’s LABS program which is a week long intensive course in filmmaking and science communication held concurrently with the festival. I’m also in the process developing international photography workshops and am available for private instruction and consulting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Here are some instructor evaluation comments from recent years at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography:

From a one week “Introduction to Video” course for students with a photography background:

“I loved the way Colin taught this course, the only complaint is that it was not more than one week!”

“This class was so great it really inspired me to chase my motion ideas. I loved the class and I learned so much.”

“I have learned so much and feel so grateful for all the time Colin has spent answering our questions and being able to help everyone in the classroom. It’s been pretty darn impressive. Colin is a great asset to RMSP. I wish we had more weeks of video!”

“Colin did an outstanding job teaching and delivering this class. He is a true asset!!!! I wish we had more time in video!!!”

“Colin was an excellent instructor, definitely my favorite during Advanced Intensive. I went in thinking I would not be adding video to my photography portfolio/career and finished thinking I would. That is a successful teacher! The information he presented was well thought out and delivered in a way that made sense… with each new piece of information building on the old. He stayed on task and wasn’t easily distracted. He taught only what we needed to know and could absorb during the few short sessions that he had with us, but made us aware of the infinite possibilities with video. He also had great hand outs and made sure to check in with every student in the classroom. He is very talented but humble (!) and I could tell he took teaching seriously. I loved this class and would definitely take more from him if they were offered. I’d love to see an Advanced Beginner or Intermediate workshop taught by him.”

“Excellent experience overall. I learned more than I ever thought possible and not sure I have digested everything.”

“Super sweet! I wish we had more classes with him. I though he was great.”

“Colin is great. Super smart guy and a good teacher.
“Brilliant to the 2nd power.”
“Great teacher, professional, nice, overall a great instructor.”

From a month long course, “Video for Still Photographers” taught at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography:

“I have very much enjoyed Colin’s video class. Colin’s knowledge, articulate instruction, patience, various learning modalities and the daily outlines he printed out for us have been invaluable.”

“Very patient, Very knowledgeable, easy to follow along with his class, always willing to help explain material, great notes. Made class fun, appreciated Colin sharing his own work. Appreciated the inspiration videos he shared.”

“Colin has the patience, teaching skills, and background that make him an amazing instructor.  I know that I can speak for other students in saying that we all liked him and were impressed by his teaching ability.”

“Awesome Class!!! Colin is a great, great teacher.”

“Colin was awesome. I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job trying to teach that much info in such a short amount of time.”

“Colin is extremely knowledgeable – I learned a lot from him.”